About Grady’s Pool Service and Construction

Swimming Pool Construction, remodel, maintenance and repair for bakersfield and surrounding areas

Mark Grady established Grady’s Pool Service and Construction 15 years ago, with the sole intention of providing his clients with the highest possible royal treatment. He started by himself, remodeling, servicing and giving clients his undivided attention. Committed to providing this level of service at all times, his business quickly expanded and he added additional pool technicians to better serve his clients.
With all of his certifications, Mark really has created a one stop shop for all swimming pool related needs. Mark is a certified general contractor, has a C53 swimming pool remodel certification, and holds a PG&E aquatic installation certification. With the belief that you get what you pay for, Mark and his team are always striving to deliver the best custom built and serviced pools in Bakersfield, Kern County, Tulare County and Los Angeles.as well as Paso Robles California and surrounding areas.


What our customers are saying

Grady’s has taken care of my pool for over a year. Keeps it perfectly balanced and clean. Very good service and repairs. Converted me to salt water and has helped with many pool issues I used to have. I would recommend Grady’s for any/all pool service needs.

Dan B., Bakersfield, CA