Backyard Rennovation and Remodel

Your swimming pool has been creatively designed and carefully built.

Your backyard paradise is nearly complete! Look no further than Grady’s Pool Service for your backyard contracting needs to complete a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for those hot Bakersfield summer barbecues and pool parties.
Our team is well versed in creating the most aesthetically pleasing and complimenting structures to pair with your newly designed or remodeled swimming pool.

Grady’s Pool Service offers :

  • Concrete
  • Block wall
  • Fire pits
  • Stone work
  • Lawn borders
  • Patios and decks

Just as we sat down with you to discus your custom swimming pool design, we will sit down with you face to face again for your backyard design and additions. It’s important to take into consideration how you will use this area. We design and build around your lifestyle and favorite activities so as to create the most comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family.

Whether it’s a necessary structural addition, such as a block wall, or an aesthetic addition like stone work, we design and implement it with precision. We can incorporate stone in just about any facet of your landscaping and in many cases these projects can add immense functionality and value to your property as well. Stone work is a great way to make your curated outdoor living space pop with a touches of texture and color.

Most time is actually spent on the deck or patio than in the pool, defining different activity zones is an important step to the design process. If you use your patio or deck to entertain, a dining area as well as a generous space for relaxing is needed. Bakersfield has beautifully mild Fall and Winters, and this allows the patio and deck area to be used year round. We encourage you to consider adding a fire pit to get the most use of your poolside area during the off season.

What our customers are saying

Grady’s has taken care of my pool for over a year. Keeps it perfectly balanced and clean. Very good service and repairs. Converted me to salt water and has helped with many pool issues I used to have. I would recommend Grady’s for any/all pool service needs.

Dan B., Bakersfield, CA