Swimming Pool Construction

Having a place to cool down in the middle of a simmering Bakersfield summer is a must.

Our team at Grady’s Pool Service enjoys every opportunity to create unique and custom swimming pools for our Bakersfield clients. We take into consideration the size of your backyard, special landscape needs and ensuring that we use the most energy efficient and modern methods to build your custom swimming pool – without sacrificing style.

Gunite pools:

Made of concrete and are completely customizable in shape and size. While working with this material does have a longer construction time, but are considered a more permanent structure and offer more room for accessories.

Vinyl pools:

Constructed using a steel frame that is molded to fit the design you prefer. The steel frame acts as the foundation to the concrete floor and vinyl liner that covers it. Vinyl pools are no longer restricted the way they were in the past and are much more customizable with advances in technology.

Not sure which pool material to choose from? We guide you every step of the way.

Our process:

We start with meeting you face to face

We understand the monetary investment you’re putting into your property by adding a swimming pool, and we know that you want it done right. We care about our clients first and foremost, and that’s why we start with establishing a relationship. You’ll always have someone to call.

Discuss your ideas in detail.

When meeting face to face we listen closely to your questions and specific desires for your new swimming pool. Big or small, custom or standard, we treat every client with the same priority. Whether it’s commercial or residential, our attention to detail and drive to produce a top notch product is the same.

Kick off construction.

Our team at Grady’s Swimming Pool Service handles all of the permit requirements, inspections and legal aspects of constructing a new swimming pool. Once everything is in order, we break ground and start building the swimming pool you want. We make the process as easy as we possibly can for our clients. The only thing you should worry about is selecting your favorite color tile.

Don’t wait till the dead of summer to give us a call.

What our customers are saying

This is hands down the best pool service we have had! I am extremely picky and our pool is not easy to clean or take care of! My pool is sparkling clean! Mark is so great to work with, and all our pool techs are professional and very thorough! Highly recommend them!!

Nikki D., Bakersfield, CA