Swimming Pool Service

Your pool should be a place of relaxation and fun – not something that gives you a headache

Your pool is beautifully remodeled, tuned-up and ready to go, but after working all day who has the time or energy to take care of their pool? Your pool pump and vacuum will handle the day to day maintenance, but there’s still chemical balancing, water testing and equipment checks to take care of. We know your day to day is busy. Your pool should be a place of relaxation and fun – not something that you dread doing.

Regular water testing is important, as poor water chemistry can affect not only the look of the pool, but also the lifespan of the pool, the equipment as well as the health of swimmers. No one wants to swim in swamp water. Crystal clear water and algae free walls are in your future. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your pool is party ready.

Regular swimming pool maintenance by a certified technician will extend the life of your pool and in turn improve your property home value. We prefer timely maintenance over hefty repair bills. Our team is trained to detect problems before they get out of hand. We verify the condition of the pool and it’s equipment as we perform our regular maintenance, allowing us to catch problems early, and prevent costly repairs.

Check “pool service” off your to-do list. At Grady’s Pool Service we have a whole team dedicated to servicing and maintaining residential and commercial swimming pools.

  • Opening and Closing of Pools/Spas
  • Filter Cleaning and Changing
  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Diagnosing and Treating Water Issues
  • Repairs and Upgrades as well as Maintenance of pool equipment
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Replacing Old Vinyl Liners
  • Programming Pool Control Technologies
  • Detecting and Fixing Leaks
  • Installing and Adding Chlorine Alternatives

Need servicing for a large commercial swimming pool? Not to worry, our team can handle any service job. Whether it’s regular weekly maintenance or equipment updates, we have your commercial pool needs covered.

What our customers are saying

Mr. Grady came out himself and diagnosed our issue right the first time and made the repair the next day. Couldn’t ask for more. Will call again. Thanks Mr. Grady.

Matt F., Bakersfield, CA