Swimming Pool Upgrades

Is your current pool equipment not working as well as it once did?

  • Slower
  • Louder
  • Less efficient – cloudy / green water, dirty pool bottom
  • Spiking energy bills
  • Overall just old and outdated pool equipment

These could be indicators that it’s time to upgrade your pool equipment! Our team at Grady’s Pool Service will steer you towards the best possible swimming pool equipment for your pool size and type. We often find that people wait till they are selling or buying a home to look at the state of their pool equipment. It’s best not to wait last minute. Often times a complete overhaul and replacement of equipment is not necessary, if the equipment is regularly serviced and maintained. For the times that it’s not avoidable, our team has you covered!

The right equipment for the right pool will not only save you money, but it will improve the quality and life expectancy of the pool you have worked so hard to keep in the best shape possible.

Typical equipment replacements include:

  • Pumps – Energy efficient pumps save you money in the long run
  • Filters – The latest filtration methods, such as a hybrid filter. A better filter allows you to run your equipment less
  • Heaters – Natural gas, propane, and solar heaters.
  • Sweeps / Cleaners – The proper size and type for your pool
  • Equipment Sets – Install a new pad and set of equipment to upgrade your circulation and filtration to the performance and electrical efficiency of a new swimming pool.

Don’t wait for your pool equipment to break before calling us. We recommend including pool equipment maintenance as part of your regular pool service. This way, we spot small problems before they become expensive problems. This prevents big repair bills from sneaking up on you. Keeping your equipment maintained will not only keep it running longer, but will also keep running better, reducing your running costs, and keeping your pool in the best possible shape.

What our customers are saying

Grady’s has taken care of my pool for over a year. Keeps it perfectly balanced and clean. Very good service and repairs. Converted me to salt water and has helped with many pool issues I used to have. I would recommend Grady’s for any/all pool service needs.

Dan B., Bakersfield, CA